Orangetalks - Parenting Blueprint Intensive Workshops for parents

Family Workshops

How to understand your kids better?

How to communicate with them more effectively?

How to build bonds that lasts forever?

Parenting in the current day and age is like trying to drive a McLaren in a Formula I race after driving a Maruti 800 all their lives. As parents, we never underwent the kind of pressures, experiences, information overload and distractions that today’s children are facing. Parents need to first understand and be willing to accept that they need to be more equipped because it’s not just their children’s future that they are shaping, but the collective destiny of the country and the world.

We conduct Parenting seminars and 3 day Parenting Blueprint Intensive Workshops. This helps them have a better connect with their children, learn how to build trust, mutual respect and unconditional love. Parents also learn how to teach their adolescents to be self-driven and self-directed adults. The outcome is priceless not just for them, but for their children as well.

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