Developing high quality relationships with your life partner and family

Family Workshops

How to develop deep bonds between couples?

How to understand each other like never before?

How to rekindle the romance in your relationship?

Developing high quality relationships within a family is critical to ones self-worth, happiness and success in general. Most of the time, the relationship between a couple deteriorates after marriage over a period of time and reaches a space of impasse and then it just becomes a routine of “being with each other” and in some cases end in a divorce. Most of this happens because the relationship gets formed based on frivolous external and shallow characteristics of each other rather than deep rooted value systems that are formed individually in each person since childhood.

Every individual longs for a more loving, intimate, fun and fulfilling relationship with their spouse, but does not know how to make it happen or they feel that the relationship  is not repairable. OrangeTalks’ workshops address exactly this. We rekindle the romance and mutual respect based on identifying, appreciating and respecting each other’s core values.

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